Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Warner Bros. Animation

I figured I'd throw up a photo of yours truly from 1989 at Warner Bros. Animation in Sherman Oaks. I forgot who took the picture, but here I am hunched over an old Filmation animation desk doing layouts for Tiny Toon Adventures. I was not all that enthused by having a photo taken at the time, but in 2006, am glad to have it. It was actually a fun time in my career when everything was exciting. A few months later, I would leave Warners to work with Don Bluth on another forgettable movie.


Jenny said...

Look at you! You're a baby, Brian! : )

Thanks for coming by my blog--I didn't know you had one too-how keen!
Love all your Ward photos and memories. When he died, and I later read about Grizzly Flats being basically dismantled, sold, etc....well, nothing and no one lasts forever, only memories--but it's so sad to think that out in Arcadia the big railroad no longer runs, with its engineer behind it.

Brian Mitchell said...

Thanks Jenny for stopping by! Yeah, I was pretty young in that photo. I'm still a kid inside, although the hair is greying a little.
Actually most of Ward's Railroad equipment is in a museum in California, which leads me to believe that it's (sadly) not running anymore. Most of Ward's various memorabilia has been scattered to the winds, but a few pieces, including his Firehouse Five Hat was purchased by the Carolwood Historical Society, and is displayed inside of Walt's Barn in Griffith Park.
I'll post some pics of Ward's Grizzly Flats railroad later in the week so check back.