Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Disney's Bob Iger

You know, frankly I'm amazed at all the wonderful things that Disney C.E.O. Bob Iger has done for the Disney Company since he's taken over. He eliminated a micromanagement division, Strategic Management, brought back Roy Disney to the Company, made nice-nice with Pixar bringing them into the fold, Delivered on a promise with Diane Disney to make Oswald The Lucky Rabbit a Disney property again and now I hear that Ron Clements and John Musker are returning to Disney as employees! Could it be that classic 2D animation returning to Disney isn't far away? Minutes ago, I read that Alan Menken has been signed to a Multi Picture Disney deal!

The events that have been going on at Disney over the last couple of weeks, have left me with a smile on my face.
It may look like Iger's the real deal who truly gets what Disney is all about.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brian! It's Eddie Fitzgerald! Thanks for posting the pics of Ward Kimball! Do you have any more pictures? I'm dying to see what Ward's train yard used to look like.

Brian Mitchell said...

Hey Eddie! Thanks for stopping by...
I'll have some more photos of Kimball's Grizzly Flats Railroad up tonight so check back!
I'll see what else I can dig up.