Thursday, March 02, 2006

My Morning Ritual

Every morning now, I drag my lazy carcass out of bed, grab a huge cup of coffee and visit five sites on the internet for my animation news.....but now I add a sixth!
First up is, primarily because he has some very interesting stories from time to time pertaining to the animation medium. Second up is, because most of the people posting are animation professionals and they provide inside the industry news before it breaks (well, most of the time). Third up is, hosted by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi, which also provides up to date information on the industry and offer surprising posts featuring artwork from past and present films. Fourth up on the list is, which compiles news and offers links to those sites on a daily basis. Normally, by the time I get to animated, I already know much of what is offered, but sometimes they surprise me. Fifth up is Al Lutz's, which is primarily a Disney Theme Park site. While other Disney Park sites were looking the other way, Mice Age had enough guts to say it like it was when Disneyland and WDW were being operated like cheap run down carnivals. Al posted up to date links when important Disney news unfolded (like the recent Pixar acquisition) and my guess is that he will continue to do so. If you're a Disneyland geek like me, his site is worth a peek every couple of days. The new one and sixth on my list, which I find myself looking at from time to time is Jenny Lerew's Blackwing Diaries (the name of the blog is a homage to the old animators' favorite pencil, The Blackwing, which are longer made). Jenny was a great artist when I worked with her at Warners back in the 90's and she's even more brilliant now!
Jenny's pics and views on the animation process are priceless and well worth reading.

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