Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Roger Ramjet - Monkey

Few television cartoons got as much laughs out of a couple of drawings the way Fred Cribbens' Roger Ramjet did. If you study animation, you'll find that there's not a whole lot of poses in each of these cartoons. In fact, drawings and or cels are reused constantly! The illusion of motion in action scenes are pretty much faked with lots of camera moves.
But the real brilliance of Ramjet lies in five elements; funny scripts; funny voice work; funny storyboards; solid timing and funny drawings! Lots of funny for the money! And believe me, this show did not cost a whole lot of money to make at the time. Full animation probably would not have made it any funnier! It just goes to show that a funny idea solidly executed by a crew that knows what they're doing, can turn out a great product! Take a look!

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