Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another sketch....

I did this sketch the other night and just happened to clean it up a little while ago. As you can see by the rough, I noodled a bit with re-working different areas of the drawing, but the pose pretty much remained the same. If this was a piece of animation with this guy walking, the left arm and leg would be opposing each other in the animation. However, when I drew this up the other night, it didn't bother me. Maybe it should, though I still like the pose. Any comments?
I kinda liked this sketch for a number of reasons. Mainly because it had a neat little attitude and has nice appeal.
Everybody talks about the appeal factor and how to achieve it. I think it has to do with making a good flowing drawing that communicates emotion in a strong way. Fred Moore's drawings always possessed this quality because of the cuteness of his poses. But appeal isn't just limited to cuteness as drawings of Cruella DeVil, Captain Hook and Roger From 101 Dalmations also possess this quality. Any drawing that makes you want to look at it more than a few moments is sure to have appeal.


David Nethery said...

Nice drawing , Brian.

I'm so glad to see you posting again on your blog.
I hadn't been back in a while , but now you're back in my weekly blog rotation . The Disney title sequences you posted above were great too. A lot of good memories of the show and yes those openings had that feeling of "Disney magic" .

Brian Mitchell said...

Thanks Dave.
The goal is to post something new that's worth looking at every day.
I promise to be more active blogging, so tell your friends.
Like many animators, I grew up on the Disney Anthology series and looked forward to each new Sunday episode and almost always preceded by Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! For a while there as a youngster, I thought that this show was produced by Disney!
I took a look on your blog Dave and marveled at what you're doing with that new piece of software.
As always your drawings look great.
Thanks for stopping by.