Monday, February 25, 2008

Another sketch...

Some of you have been asking me to add more drawings to the blog. So here's a new one of a short angry guy. Actually, it's not that's been sitting by my scanner for weeks.
I'm finally getting around to scanning this stuff and putting it up on the blog.
Look for more over the next couple of days.
This drawing is inspired by the funny little guy from Pink Panther cartoons and Phil from Hercules. Like I said, it's inspired... so in short... it's been Mitchellized.


Richard Gaines said...

It was great talking to you last night! Thanks for all the tips and stories.

Amazing pic!!

Tony DiStefano said...

This is a very appealing design.A nice combo of traditional elements with stylized features.Like a backround character you would see in a jones cartoon in the mid 50s. The blog has a good new look too. Keep it coming sir!!

TV's Kyle said...

That's the stuff!

Pete Emslie said...

Glad to see you posting again, Brian. This little guy actually looks like a cartoon version of Jack Klugman to me. Put a backwards baseball cap on him and you've got that lovable slob, Oscar Madison!