Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Disney Animators playing Dixieland

Here's something pretty rare...a bunch of Disney personal playing Dixieland Jazz! It's the Firehouse Five Plus Two and they were really something...take a look...see if you can spot Animators Ward Kimball and Frank Thomas. From what I hear they were pretty popular in their day recording 20 record albums. The band stayed together for over 20 years and it was just a sideline or hobby for these guys. Some hobby...these guys had TWO careers!
You can still buy a bunch of their albums on CD! Enjoy...this clip is from the old Mickey Mouse Club. Oh...and the kid who's playing the drums is really playing the drums. He's Cubby O' Brien and to this day still plays the drums professionally!

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Cubby was also the drummer for the iconic 70s music group "the Carpenters" after Karen moved out from behind the drums, and into the spotlight, fronting the group with her brother Richard.